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Incorporating a Business

Incorporating a business is no small matter. It changes the very nature of your business. There are many positives to incorporating a business though. If your small business is growing very large, then you may be considering incorporating. The benefits of incorporating a business are that you will not be held personally responsible for any debts or bankruptcies that the business may incur.

Some other benefits of incorporating a business involve tax benefits. When a small business incorporates they issue common stock. Stockholders who purchase a share in the business hold the stock. This creates a potentially unlimited revenue of capital for your business which otherwise would not have occurred. If you are thinking about incorporating a business, it is imperative that you speak with an attorney. This decision is too complex to make without receiving proper advice first.

A great resource for finding attorneys and further information can be found on the internet at This wonderful company will offer you advice on issues such as

The Small Business Find Law site will also give you in depth information regarding incorporating a business. They provide detailed information relating to forming a corporation, a checklist for starting your business, guides for naming your business, deciding where to incorporate your business, how to write and file the articles of incorporation, how to write corporate by-laws, creating a shareholder's agreement, a state guide of articles of incorporation, a sample certificate of incorporation, real life incorporation documents, sample and real life by-laws, and they also provide a wealth of information relating to your incorporated business and the IRS.

You may also browse their listing of small business attorneys by state. You should first contact a small business attorney and discuss your plans of incorporating a business before anything else.