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Family Business

Family business is the foundation of American economy. It was expected that sons and daughters would grow up and take over the family business when parents had reached the retirement age. Today, some family businesses have become enterprises.

There is even a magazine devoted to the issues pertaining to family business. You can find Family Business Magazine on the Internet at

Many family businesses have been around for over 100 years. This proves that they have wisdom and knowledge when it comes to the art of business longevity. There are certainly many lessons to be learned by today's entrepreneur that can be taught by the study of some of these family businesses.

Here are some families that have been in family business for over 100 years. The Zildjian Cymbal Company has been in operation since the year 1623. Their company is in Norwell Massachusetts.

Tuttle Farm has been a family owned business since the year 1635 or 1638. Their farm is located in Dover, New Hampshire.

The Shirley Plantation is Virginia's oldest plantation. Founded by the Hill/Carter family in 1638, the Shirley Plantation is located in Charles City, Virginia.

The Miller Farm was purchased in 1684 and is still owned by the Miller family. The Miller Farm is located in Frederica, Delaware.

The Allandale Farm was purchased sometime in the early 1700's. It is still family owned and operated and is located in Brookline, Massachusetts.

The Nourse Family Farm was purchased in 1722 and is located in Westborough, Massachusetts.

In 1785, America's oldest jeweler founded Bixler's. This company is still in operation today and you can visit their website at

In the year 1853, Levi Strauss opened his apparel company, Levi Strauss and Company. Today Levi Strauss and Company is still one of the most thriving brands of clothing apparel. Levi Strauss founded his company in San Francisco, California.