Know your business

Business Phone System

So you have started your business, and now that you are prospering and moving forward, you are ready to install a business phone system. Today, there are many options to choose from, and the business phone system that is perfect for your needs and business will be determined by many different factors. For instance, how many employees do you have? Are you using VOIP technology with your business phone system, or traditional ground lines? Once you decide on these important factors and which business phone system is right for you, it's time to go shopping.

The AT&T 944 phone is a corded phone that has up to 4 line capabilities. It also has a speakerphone and costs roughly $100.00. If you have a larger business, you may prefer to choose a business phone system package. This package will contain everything you need to have a fully functional business phone system. For example, Telephone Systems Direct provides these types of business phone system packages. Their Samsung iDCS 500 Telephone System consists of the iDCS 500 Release 2 Digital VOIP enabled telephone system. It has 8 lines, 16 digital station ports, 10 phones, and voice mail. It is a plug and play package. This business phone system comes pre programmed so that it will be easy for you to install. Each of the ten phones comes with 28 buttons. This system comes with a 2-year warranty and costs about 6,300.

Make sure that the business phone system that you purchase comes with a warranty. You should also find out the companies policies on returns and exchanges before making a purchase.

Another very important factor when deciding on a business phone system is how much technical support will the company offer you. It is imperative that you find out how much support they will provide you, after you purchase the business phone system. Don't feel embarrassed to ask. It would be more embarrassing to purchase a most needed business phone system, and have no support in installing it.