Know your business

Business Opportunities

Today, many people are opting to go into business for themselves. Whether it is a franchise, a small business, or a work at home business today's entrepreneur has many business opportunities to choose from. Business opportunities are as varied as the people who seek them, therefore it is imperative that you research the opportunity you are interested in, before investing your time, energy, and finances.

The Small Business Administration is a great way to research the background, longevity, and financial investments required for the business opportunities that interest you.

The Small Business Administration is found via the internet by visiting Once at the Small Business Administration's website, you can visit their page entitled, “Business Opportunities”, and you will find a wealth of information at your disposal. Information such as, The Basics, Understanding the Rules, Find Opportunities, Size Standards, Marketing your Business, Contract Proposals, Small Business Programs, and Special Interests are sure to help you by answering your questions, guiding you to the correct resources, and helping you locate any financial assistance that may be available for you.

Another great resource for searching business opportunities can be located by visiting the Federal Trade Commission. On the internet, you can find the Federal Trade Commission by typing, For an intensive search of information on the FTC website, just enter the keywords, “business opportunities” at the top of the page in the “search” box.

If you are interested in specific business opportunities, such as a particular franchise, you may find relevant information at the Federal Trade Commission, or by visiting

Before investing in a business opportunity, a good idea is to read plenty of business-oriented magazines. You can check out magazines from your local library for free and some wonderful magazines relating to business opportunities include Entrepreneur, Smart Money, Fortune, and Forbes. Entrepreneur is also available on the internet by visiting