Know your business

Business Grants

You've seen the commercials- the crazy guy with the wild hair and oversized glasses letting you know that you can get grants for virtually anything, including the start up of your business! Well, it is true that there are various programs available and business grants opportunities for small businesses today.

The Small Business Administration does not offer business grants to start up companies, they do however offer business grants for companies that need to expand or enhance their business. However, the Small Business Administration tends to offer these business grants to non-profit organizations, and state and local governments.

Here is some information regarding institutions that do assist start up companies with business grants. The Small Business Administration has resources available on their website for women who are starting a business. You can visit their business grants page here is the official homepage for government grants. You will be able to search various business grants available and even receive email notification when new grant applications become available.

Look to the States for Small Business Grants

You can find business grants information by visiting The Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance as well. You can visit their website by typing in Once at their website, click Find a Grant, then choose Business and Commerce for a listing of available business categories. These categories include Small Business, Economic Development, Economic Injury and Natural Disaster, Commercial Fisheries, Maritime, International, Statistics, Special Technical Services, and Minority Business Enterprises. Choose the category that best describes your situation and you will find available business grants that you may apply for. Some examples of the business grants and their programs are Women's Business Ownership Assistance, Microloan Program, Native American Economic Development Assistance, Trade Adjustment Assistance, Minority Business Development Centers, Small Business Innovation Research, Rural Business Enterprise Grants, Rural Business Opportunity Grants, Veterans Entrepreneurial Training and Counseling, and more.

Finally, you may visit for grant writing tips.