Know your business

Business Gifts

Choosing the perfect business gifts for that special executive in your life may not always be an easy task. When choosing business gifts, try to pick out gifts that are complimentary to the person's profession. For instance, someone who works with stocks may appreciate gift items with a financial theme.

Silver plated business card holders are sure to be a hit as a business gift. Many of today's employees and employers carry business cards and these are attractive and practical. A Wall Street style calculator and cardholder also makes a wonderful business gift for the businessman working with finance.

Games are also a wonderful category to consider when choosing business gifts. Not just for children, you can purchase glass, crystal, marble, and silver versions of cherished games that are sure to please every business person that is fortunate to receive one of these special presents.

When choosing games, consider games and accessories such as chess, golf, Backgammon, Newton's cradle, and Dominoes.

Leather is always a winner when deciding on business gifts. Leather business gifts include briefcases, handbags, travel purses, wallets, make up bags, organizers, desk planners, mouse pads, wallets, business card cases, passport holders, address books, journals, and portfolios.

Crystal is beautiful and elegant. Many business gifts can be found in stores specializing in crystal. You may find statues, paperweights, clocks, desktop items and personalized gifts. There is nothing more exquisite than a crystal chess set as well.

Gift Certificates also make a perfect choice for business gifts. These can be purchased for bookstores, retail stores, and restaurants.

Globes make the perfect addition to any office and you can find globe themes in a variety of items. Paperweights, clocks, and jeweled globes are suitable choices as business gifts.

One of the most popular and trusted business gifts is the Swiss Army knife. These are available in the pocketknife form and also as the Swisscard. The Swisscard looks like a credit card but contains all of the tools essential to the Swiss Army Knife.