Know your business

Business Financing

So, you have the perfect idea for a business and now you have only one problem- where are you going to get the required capital needed for you new business. Well, business financing is one of the most important areas regarding the success of your business. You will need to make sure that you have enough funds in place to adequately start your new business and also keep things running until your new business begins to generate profitable revenue.

When you begin any business, you will need to develop a business plan. Before tackling the issues of business financing, your business plan will help you to put your goals on paper, and when you are ready to seek business financing sources, you can show them your business plan.

Before seeking out business financing sources, you will need to have a written estimate of your start up costs. When considering start up costs, you will need to take account of your initial expenses, reserve revenue that you will need to protect yourself from net losses, start up inventory costs, legal costs, needed assets such as property, furniture, buildings, etc. and the cost of equipment.

You will also need to include the price of costs such as rent, insurance, utility bills, and inventory. When you have successfully completed your business plan- including your business finances, you will seek various sources of business financing.

You may consider equity financing or debt financing. Equity financing is securing additional finances through investors. These investors can be personal friends or family or venture capitalists. Venture capitalists will invest in the start up of your company.

You may also acquire business financing through banks, savings and loan, commercial finance companies, and the Small Business Administration. There may even be grants available to help you with your business costs. When looking for grant information, contact your local Small Business Administration and inquire about Federal Grant information.