Know your business

Business Development

Every state has an office of Small Business Development. This government organization is designed to provide management and business development assistance for new and prospective businesses.

The Small Business Development Center has a national clearinghouse with a wealth of information to help business owners succeed in their business. This information includes help with starting your business, legal information, state and local regulations, developing a business plan, company information (relating to companies that your business may need to associate with), and various resources.

If you have an invention, the Small Business Development Center can also provide you with information pertaining to inventor's forms, obtaining patents, copyright information, trademarks information, and finding a suitable lawyer.

If your business deals with International Trade, the Small Business Development Center will assist you with answers to questions such as how to conduct business with various countries, how to find import and export leads, banking exchanges between the United States of America and other countries, and resources such as regulations, tariffs, and business etiquette.

The Small Business Development Center's National Clearinghouse also provides detailed information for U.S. Veterans who are starting their own businesses. There are grant programs, lending institutions, and other services available for veterans that are developing their own businesses.

If you are a minority or a woman, the Small Business Development Center may have pertinent information regarding resources and assistance that will help you develop, maintain, and expand your business. The Minority Business Development Agency is another government agency with lots of resources to help you with your business development strategy.

To find your state's local Small Business Development Center, just type in on the Internet and click on your state. The Small Business Development Center also has locations in U.S. territories as well as the fifty states.

Along with the National Clearinghouse, the Small Business Development Center also workshops, seminars, business counseling, and inspiring client's success stories.