Know your business

Business Checks

Business Checks are more professional then using your own personal checks for your company. In fact, when doing business with other companies, the business check will serve as verification that you are a legitimate business. When you own your own business, you will need various forms of business checks. General-purpose business checks are used for buying inventory, paying utilities, business related purchases and bills, and other general business needs. Voucher checks provide record keeping of accounts payable, and Payroll checks are other types of business checks utilized by many small businesses today.

You may also decide to order your company's business checks off of a site that you find on the Internet. Many of these Internet sites offer various styles and backgrounds for your business checks.

The Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act

Many businesses use QuickBooks or Quicken for their business accounting needs, and there are software business check printing programs available that work with QuickBooks and Quicken. You can even purchase blank check paper to print on. You can purchase blank check paper over the Internet or from stores such as Office Depot or your nearest office supply store.

Blank check paper comes in various colors and many have patented security features. Blank check paper is compatible with many of the most popular business check programs available today. Some of these programs include Versa Check, Check Studio, Check Magic, Print Boss, Yardi, Trans Micro, My Software My Checks, My Software, Ingenium Condo Manager, My Business Check Writer, My Personal Check Writer, MIPS Versa Check, Crosscheck, and Checknique. Many of the check writing programs will also allow you to print your signature on the checks.