Know your business

Business Casual

Today more and more people are choosing to wear business casual attire as opposed to the more traditional business outfits. There are however some “rules” that apply to both men and women when choosing to dress “business casual”.

The basics of dressing business casual are to dress classy, not trendy or hip. You want to be ready to go from the boardroom to a meeting with top business executives.

Business casual can vary from employer to employer so it is still best to ask your employer for their company's business casual standards.

However, in general, business casual usually refers to khaki pants as opposed to jeans. Jeans are never considered business casual pants. Men can choose nice khaki pants or solid black or navy dress pants, and button down shirts without ties. You will still want to make sure that your clothes are ironed, pressed, clean, and neat. Business casual is not an opportunity to slouch in your appearance or come to the office looking like something that the cat dragged in.

Women should consider wearing solid colors in pants rather than prints. Good color choices include black, navy, and khaki. Business casual is never tight or baggy, but professionally attired with a clean crisp feel.

How many times have you seen a woman climbing stairs or sitting down with her slip plainly visible- this is definitely not business casual. Women should make sure that their slips are never visible, and that skirts come to knee level.

When it comes to blouses, women should never reveal cleavage in the workplace. Party clothes are not business casual as well. Clothes should be conservative; this is not to say they can't be beautiful, pretty, and feminine. As well, bra straps and bras should not be seen, whether this is by means of straps slipping through the shoulders of a blouse or the blouse being see through.

Finally, women should be conservative in the area of makeup. Business casual is not an opportunity to apply makeup as if you were out for a night on the town.